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Dani Christakos

about me

Dani has been a Scottsdale area Florist for five years. She stayed home raising her three kids for 17 years and decided that when her eldest went to college, she would pursue her dream of opening a floral studio. Dani started teaching classes when she realized how much people enjoyed getting together to learn a new skill.

The best part of Dani's job is getting to meet all of the amazing people that come to the studio for a fun night out! When Dani is not in the studio, she travels around the country watching her kids play college sports! She is an avid college football and college soccer fan! She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 25 years!

Dani is beyond talented... everything she assists you in designing is amazing!

— Kelly


Beautiful work! Terrific product in a market that appreciates the importance of the aesthetic relevance of horticulture

— Bronwyn

What a fantastic time I had at the AZ Flower Garage! Such a fun and memorable evening doing something unique. Dani truly has a special place to make some special memories and take home a beautiful arrangement too. 

— Marcie


Spending an evening in the studio leaves you blissful and refreshed!

— Brooke 

Dani is the best of making sure your arrangement is perfect and beautiful.  She truly has a talent, and I am happy she is sharing her dream and passion. 

— Tammy

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